Our services

The Refuge offers two types of services:

Porte du Refuge

A day, evening and night shelter located at 1836 Sainte-Catherine Street East in Montréal.

All services provided by the Refuge des Jeunes are free of charge.

With the support of a team of 18 professionals who provide a willing ear to young men’s problems and needs, the Refuge offers:

  • A temporary shelter – to get youths off the streets and improve their living conditions
  • A dormitory including 45 beds
  • Meals (dinners and breakfasts)
  • Food banks
  • Personal hygiene products and clothing
  • First aid services (on-site nurse twice a week)
  • Recommendations and counselling (housing, medical and therapeutic follow-up, help with addictions, etc.)
  • Support through various processes

In addition to these services, we also provide:

  • Assistance with obtaining social welfare and health insurance cards
  • Assistance with obtaining social welfare cheques, if necessary
  • Budgeting
  • Bus tickets
  • Storage of personal belongings
  • Phone access
  • Mail and messages
  • Social activities

Logement social du Refuge des Jeunes

Social housing with community support, at 5000 Ontario East in Montréal

(Since 1999)

  • To break free from the cycle of homelessness
  • To provide housing stability
  • To improve living conditions
  • To support independence
  • For youths in persistent homelessness situations
  • 19 apartments
  • Furnished bachelor apartments including heat (youths live there and pay rent)
  • Rent supplements allocated by the Refuge
  • One community room

A team of 3 professionals for daily support and coaching

Last year 27 young men benefited from housing with community support.