The “Show du Refuge” ,

The “Show du Refuge” is presented by La Chambre des Notaires du Québec !

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In 1991, Dan Bigras, spokesperson for the Refuge des Jeunes, brought artists together for a benefit concert to contribute to the funding of the organization and to ensure its sustainability. This first concert called « Des Pas dans la Ville » drew 218 people at the Club Soda.

In 2019, the show created by Dan still goes on and is now known as the Show du Refuge. In 2018, for the 28th edition, more than 2000 people enjoyed the artists’ performances.

Thanks to Guy Latraverse, and the support of La Société Ici Radio-Canada, the Show has been broadcast since 1993.

The longevity and originality of this show make it a unique event throughout the Canadian cultural and philanthropic landscape. Although Dan Bigras has always been the backbone of the Show, the ability to gather famous international artists and emerging talent allow its continuous renewal.

Every ticket sold for the Show becomes a tangible action towards helping troubled youths, and the money raised is the equivalent of 25% of the annual needs of the Refuge!

In 28 years, the Show du Refuge has collected over 6,5 million dollars to help our most vulnerable youths.